Parmod Singh


Innovator and entrepreneur with 17 years+ in business leadership. Experienced in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance, and management. Visionary product developer with deep education in research and analytics. Effective communicator and motivator who identifies and leverages assets in teammates to reach organisational goals. Relentless optimist who believes there is no failure, only feedback.


Hemant Tiwari

Vice Chairman

Motivated business leader with 15 years of progressive experience in management and operations. Team player dedicated to helping employees improve their skills and techniques in order to reach larger goals. Visionary behind company operations and strategies. Detail-oriented multi-tasker who thrives in fast-paced environments.

Square Stage

Santoshi Singh


Ambitious and self motivated professional having experience of 17 years + on managing day to day operation . Strong leadership and relationship building skill. Proactive in addressing needs with the ability to achieve exceptional performance and maintain the high level of service. Excellent communication and organizational skills responsive to change in role, procedure, and business needs.


Ajay Singh


Analytical and process-driven supply chain and demand management specialist with over 14 years of experience in material flow control, purchasing, procurement, sales, logistics, continuous improvements, and forecasting inventory levels. Forward-thinking problem solver and team leader with expertise in developing and maintaining partnerships with internal and external customers, stakeholders, and employees to effectively deliver inventory on time and under budget. A finite and master production scheduler seeking to leverage background into a supply chain manager or analyst role with a progressive organization.

Bar Chart

Umakant Agnihotri

Deputy Secretary

Professional with over 10 years of experience. Proficient in all aspects of management and operation, including account management, customer service, staff coordination, and product sales. Prior experience provided opportunity to supervise account growth, and in that span, savings and CD account establishment increased by over 20 percent. This is combined with exemplary service skills and thorough knowledge of the banking industry. Dedicated to effective and innovative management techniques to ensure the success.

Above the Clouds

Pradeep Pandey


Entrepreneurial skill with 24 years + experience having history of surpassing customer and employer expectation leverage consultative-sales strength to nurture relationships and close deals. Comprehensive knowledge of financial and technology products, services and best practice.


Archana Singh


Experience of 17+ years bringing a positive change in the life of residents through eagerly applying companionship, communication, and housekeeping skills.


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