Cow’s milk is a universally produced natural product, but not all milk is created equal. Our Dairy Farm uses science, combined with cutting-edge technology and protocols, training and commercial acumen, all adapted to the unique conditions in North Gujarat, to bring pure, untouched top quality milk to the consumer.

Untouched by Human Hands

Throughout the production process, human hands never come in contact with Mukhia milk. This is one reason why our milk tastes so delicious and rich.

Untouched by Human Hands

We continuously monitor our cows’ health using an automated system that allows us to treat them when needed. We keep pedometers on them to make sure they move around. Our farm is designed to maximize the comfort of our cows, rather than for maximum milk production. By prioritizing our animals’ comfort, our farmers have healthy cows that produce higher quality milk.

Untouched by Human Hands

Raw milk helps reduce allergies, improves skin health, prevents nutrient deficiency, and builds a stronger immune system. Raw milk is rich in beneficial bacteria – They’re responsible for stimulating and training your immune system to function correctly. Raw milk is rich in food enzymes – These enzymes help your body to better digest milk and better metabolize its vital nutrients. Raw milk is rich in natural vitamins – The butterfat present in raw milk is rich in natural fat-soluble soluble vitamins, particularly preformed vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin E.


S. No.                          NoRow Milk (A2)                      Tone Milk (A2)

1                                   Rs 70 Per/Kg                              Rs 70 Per/Kg