Bilona Ghee

INR 1500/ kg

As Indians, we love the diverse food culture we so proudly celebrate. With the proper and regular use of Bilona cow ghee in our daily food preparations, we can ensure a culture of health for the whole family. Desi Ghee or Bilona Ghee is also called as the golden medicine of Ayurveda.The original process involves turning a desi cow’s milk into curd. Then it is churned to separate butter (makhan), and then the butter is boiled to get the Bilona cow ghee. It is also called clarified butter.The abundantly available Vitamin A in Bilona helps in removing free radicals from the body and boosts immunity. Anti-ageing properties: Bilona is one of the most powerful anti-ageing solutions. It keeps the cells healthy and the skin youthful.


Bilona Ghee

INR 700/ kg

Normal Cow Ghee